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NEWS RELEASE - Monday, May 17, 2004 at 13:35
Steel Valley Nationals gear up for May 28, 29 & 30!

As the registrations pour in, the excitement builds for the Steel Valley Nationals. To add to the excitement Fred Warren has signed on to display two of his prized Hot Rods. The “Smoothster” is the original Dupont Poster Car. The hand made aluminum body is the only one of it’s kind. This car won the “Grand National Roadster Show” in Oakland, California and has been featured in every major publication in this country as well as overseas.

“Shockwave” is a one of a kind handmade metal body built by Marcel’s of California. This car won the “Grand National Roadster Show” in San Francisco, California in 1999, which was the 50th Anniversary of the show and without question one of the best car shows ever held.

Both of these cars sport the AMBR license plates for the year they won. AMBR is America’s Most Beautiful Roadster, and fits the cars well.

In addition Fred will show his new custom design Harley Davidson. To add to this, Frank Fordeley will show his Pontiac Firebird-Tojan Trans Am, one of only 250 built. This car was in the movie “Collision Course” with Jay Leno and Pat Miorita, and also used on Miami Vice TV show.

The Steel Valley Nationals will feature a car and motorcycle show, Manufacturer Midway, Swap Meet, Dyno Wars, Burnout Contest, Women’s World, Model Car & Hot Wheel contest and live entertainment, there leaves little to the imagination. All this will take place at the Canfield Fairgrounds for the daily admission fee of $5.00 each person.

For more information log on to: or call 330-477-8506.

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