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Hot Rod News consists of 2 magazines in 1: Hot Rod News Magazine and Borgen’s Cruise Central Schedule, combined together to make one awesome publication.
Hot Rod News is the region's leading auto enthusiast magazine, containing editorials, news features, tech tips, events, motorsports info, the Auto Treader Classified section and the Motor Mall, a small business directory.
The Borgen’s Cruise Central Schedule is a 30 page magazine inserted in the center of Hot Rod News Magazine. The inserted publication is dedicated to shows, event advertising, free cruise listings, coupons, contests, discounts and other great stuff that adds more value to an already great magazine. Event display advertisers will be able to take advantage of a special discount to place their ads. Every month, the Borgen’s Cruise Central Schedule will list the entire year ahead, including updates. Now you won’t miss that once a year deadline.
We have a cover price of $1.99 to support current and future pages.

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